Nursing Care

Nursing Care

The Hallmark - Nursing Care

At The Hallmark, we understand that your health is a most treasured possession. The 32 bed nursing center staff includes a Board Certified Medical Director of Gerontology, a Director of Nurses and a Licensed Dietician and Social Worker.

The Hallmark offers an opportunity for senior adults to regain health and strength in a safe, nurturing family environment while recuperating after hospitalization, surgery or illness.

In addition, a private bath and a balcony complement each individual’s spacious resident room. The living and dining areas have residential features such as built-in bookcases, solid surface kitchen countertops, an oak-paneled fireplace, screened-in covered terraces, and an aviary.

The Hallmark’s certified Director of Activities coordinates a variety of social programs and activities for our residents. This creates a stimulating environment that encourages well-being and independence according to each person’s capabilities.

Benefits include: medical/nursing supervision and care as well as monitoring by a social worker, one-to-one care and attention with a focus on goals toward recuperation/rehabilitation, healthy meals and snacks, laundry and a full range of personal care. Therapy is also available on a fee-for-services basis.