The Hallmark Life Care Program

Through our “Life Care” program, we are able to offer you a special and sound opportunity to gain peace of mind through a smart plan for your future; whether it is Residential Living, Assisted Living, Nursing Care or even specialty care such as Alzheimer’s Care.

Simply stated, “Life Care” is a continuum of care. It is a complete plan for your future long –term care needs and the best way to ensure that all of your needs will be met at a reduced rate.

There are two “Life Care” plans to choose from at The Hallmark including our 90% refundable plan and both plans offer residents thirty free days in our nursing facility per calendar year.

Continuing Care Houston


Continuing care means you will receive long-term health care services regardless of your needs without moving from The Hallmark. With continuing care, you know where you would receive assisted living and nursing services, who would be caring for you, how much it could cost and how you would pay for it. With our comprehensive program of wellness activities, in-home services, rehabilitation therapy, assisted living, memory support and nursing care, you will get the level of care you require for as long as you need it. If you move to the health care center, it will be a great relief to know you can do it within the community and with the help of people who know you and respect your needs. And, with that, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family and loved ones are confident you are being supported.